Custom All Weather Covers

Protect + Preserve with All-Weather Covers

Custom designed covers provide a tailored fit and clean lines. They protect your Fire and Water Features from the elements year round, extending their lives and maintaining their finish. Our covers are designed to protect from heat and cold and should be used whenever your feature is

not in use. When you purchase, and use, one of our all-weather covers Solus will extend the warranty on your purchase on the product with the addition of these covers. Contact us or see our warranties for more details.

All-weather cover for Halo
All-weather cover for Firebox
Assembling a cover for Halo Low, Halo Elevated, Firetable or Firebox.


All Weather Covers are available for:

  • Hemis 26, 36 and 48
  • Firebox 30
  • Halo 36 and 48
  • Firetable
  • Dome 26, 36, 48
  • Scupper 26, 36, 48
  • Scupper w/ Box 26


  • All of our covers are made from Recasens Spanish made, all weather fabric.
  • Top stitched and reinforced for durability.
  • Charcoal grey colour with black, charcoal and stainless steel detailing.

Ordering, Lead Times & Shipping

  • Solus All Weather Covers are available on line or direct through Solus to both homeowners and professionals who have purchased a Solus product.
  • Covers are generally in stock and will ship within 7 days if shipped individually.
  • Covers ordered when a fire pit or water feature is purchased will ship with your order.
  • In the event that we are experiencing a supplier delay and cannot ship your cover with your order you will receive a notification and we will ship it expedited with Fedex as soon as our stock is replenished.
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