FAQ Frequently asked questions about Solus fire pits, water features , tile and surrounds.

What makes Solus fire pits unique in terms of appearance and quality?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is why and what make Solus fire pits unique ?  Is it just appearance, or functionality or the warranty.  The short answer – all of them.  All Solus fire pits are designed, individually made and hand finished with care in Vancouver, Canada. Each of our vessels is individually cast from high performance, fibre-reinforced concrete and hand finished. Our brass cross-jet burners are designed and built in house and each one is individually tested before it ships. We focus on sourcing the highest quality parts and craftsmanship and we stand behind the quality of our products with the best warranties in the business http://solusdecor.com/terms-policies/.  All of our natural gas and propane fire pits have gone through rigorous certification testing to meet or exceed North American and UK/European quality and safety standards. We design our fire pits to be elegant, sculptural pieces that will stand the test of time and make commercial and residential spaces better places to be.

How long will a Solus fire pit last and what is the length of the warranty?

With proper care our fire pits should last a life time. We use simple, high quality materials such as high performance, fibre-reinforced concrete, non-corrosive metals (brass, aluminum, stainless steel) and high strength plastic. Our warranties on craftsmanship and performance are as follows:

All concrete vessels – 1 year or 5 years with the use and purchase of a Solus All-Weather cover.

Natural gas and propane manual burners – 5 years or 25 years with the purchase and use of a Solus All-Weather cover.

Electronic Start Components – 1 year or 3 years with the purchase and use of a Solus All-Weather cover.

Ethanol burners – 3 years or 25 years with the purchase and use of a Solus All-Weather cover.

Are Solus fire pits certified and why does certification matter?

Yes, all Solus natural gas and propane fire pits are fully certified as ‘Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliances’ to Canadian CSA 2.41-2014 and American ANSI Z21.97-2014 standards. We also have full CE certification as EN 509:2000 – Decorative Fuel Effects Gas Appliances and EN 60335-1:2001 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances.

What difference does it make to you ? Certification means that our fire pits have gone through extensive third party testing to ensure that they are safe and meet or exceed the quality and performance standards of the governing bodies. Our fire pits are suitable for commercial locations where the actual appliance must be certified  – especially fire pits. It is no longer acceptable to many jurisdictions to simply have a “certified burner” it must be the whole unit including the surround. The days of throwing a certified burner into any “non certified” receptacle is quickly coming to a close.  As a producer of certified fire pits we are required to test each burner and to maintain the highest quality control standards. Our production facility is regularly inspected by the certification body to ensure the continued high quality of our craftsmanship, parts and testing practices.

Are fire stones, all-weather covers and burners sold separately?

If you have purchased a Solus product and require additional stones or a cover we are happy to make them available to you. We do not sell burners, covers or fire stones without the purchase of one of our fire pits or water features.

Do you sell inserts for fireplaces?

We do not sell fireplace inserts, only the decorative surrounds and panels that go around them. For fire place inserts please visit a fire place shop in your area as they will have the expertise and experience to find the right product for your project.

Does propane fuel fit within the vessel?

Our fire pits do not accommodate internally stored propane tanks for safety and technical reasons. Our Tank Table houses a 20 lb. propane tank and is available in the same finish and colour assortment as our fire pits.

What fuel types are available?

We offer Natural Gas, Propane and Ethanol models.

How much does it cost to burn each fuel type?

Fuel consumption costs vary depending on a few factors including:

  • the cost of fuel in your area
  • the exposure of your site to wind and sun
  • the BTUs of the fire pit model that you are running

Generally Natural Gas is the most cost efficient fuel choice with propane second and ethanol third.

Ethanol consumes approximately 1/2 – 1 litre per hour depending on wind and how full your fuel receptacle is. Firecube and Hemi 26 consume 1 litre per hour as they have smaller burners.

How do I know which type of fuel I should use?

Natural Gas is appropriate where it is hard piped into the location.

Propane is appropriate if your project is fitted for propane or if you want the portable convenience of using propane tanks.

Ethanol is a good choice if you want a clean burning fuel or you do not have access to Natural Gas or Propane.

Are Solus fire features safe?

All Solus fire pits are fully certified and safe. As with all gas appliances, children and pets should be monitored when your Solus fire pit is active and they should never be left burning unattended.

The concrete vessel will get warm to the touch but not hot. Please note that the metal burner plates on our ethanol models do get very hot and should not be touched until they are allowed to fully cool. Please see our user manuals for model specific safety instructions.

Can you cook on a Solus fire feature?

Although you can certainly roast the odd marshmallow over our fire pits we do not recommend cooking over them. The concrete surfaces are sealed but are not designed for exposure to hot grease or highly acidic substances.

Can the ethanol burners be used indoors?

We do not recommend the use of ethanol burners indoors. Ethanol although clean burning can produce some air born residue and requires ample ventilation.

How should I prepare my site for a fire feature and what is required for installation?

For all Solus fire pits you will need a level location with access to a fuel source and help to lift the fire feature into place.

If you plan to use ethanol or propane tanks you will need to unpack your fire pit and assemble the parts.

Ethanol burners assemble quickly and require no tools.

Propane that will be fed from a tank will require a propane hose with a regulator attached to connect the tank to the burner. You can purchase a commercial grade 15′ hose from us when you purchase your fire feature or you can source your own.

For hard piped gas line you will require a certified gas fitter to create the gas connection.

Auto start models also require a certified electrician to connect the burner electronics. Your electrician will need to supply you with a wall timer or switch from which to control the auto start mechanism.

Do you ship to my location?

We ship world wide and have not found a location yet that we could not deliver to. You may be surprised by how reasonable the shipping charges are. Please contact our sales staff to find out how we can get our products to your location.

What are your shipping and lead times?

In stock products generally ship within 2 – 4 weeks. Products poured to order require 6 – 8 weeks and custom pieces vary from 6 -14 weeks.

Shipping times may vary depending on the season due to high or lower demand.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on your location and what we are sending to you. You may be surprised by how reasonable the shipping charges are. Please contact us to get a shipping quote for your location.

What should I expect when receiving and unpacking my order?

Orders within the Metro Vancouver/Fraser Valley area will arrive individually packed and wrapped on pallets. Unless otherwise specified they will delivered to the curbside in front of your project location. To unpack pallets you will require a box cutter (to be used with great care!). Outside of this area all orders are individually wrapped, foamed in place and packed in museum quality crates. The top and sides of the crates can be removed using a cordless drill fitted with a #2 Robertson driver bit. Once unwrapped from the pallet or crate your individually wrapped pieces can be carried to the installation location. Please note that for our largest pieces you may need up to 6 people for moving into place. All of our fire pits, water features, tiles and surrounds require some assembly. Please see our product specific user guides for detailed information.

How are your fireplace surrounds and panels installed, and by whom?

All Solus products should be installed by experienced professionals. Installation methods will vary depending on the building type, local codes and the particular site requirements. An experienced stone mason or tile setter should be able to determine what is appropriate for your site. We are always happy to talk directly with Builders and Installers about the technical requirements of our products. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

How much will installation cost and how long will it take?

Installation cost and duration will vary depending on the scope of work involved and the prep required on site. Talking with your contractor or stone mason is the best way to determine an estimated cost for installation.

Will concrete crack or get hot?

Concrete is as strong and stable as the substrate that it is attached to. Unless there is shifting of the building structure or a bond failure between the adhesive, substrate and concrete you should not see any cracking. Concrete can get hot to the touch but will not be adversely effected and will not produce any harmful fumes or vapors.

How do I care for my concrete?

In wall and surround applications our concrete requires only a light dusting and an occasional wipe with a clean damp cloth. A small amount of neutral cleanser can be used for heavilly soiled areas. We also recommend a yearly reseal with a concrete specific penetrating sealer to maintain the sheen and stain resistance.

For floor installations we recommend mopping with a clean damp mop and a very small amount of neutral cleanser to keep the tiles free of dust and dirt. Resealing high traffic areas should be done as needed – as often as once per month and a yearly resealing is recommended for all areas.

How should I plan my tile or panel layout?

Planning the layout of your tile is one of the most important factors in a successful installation. Here are a few keys things to consider:

  • Is your surface or box square and level or will you need to make accommodations?
  • What will your layout pattern be and can you use our standard pieces to cover the required area?
  • Where will factory and cut edges will be located?
  • If you have corners how will you create the return? Butt joint, mitre or quark?
  • What size will your grout lines be?
  • How many tiles/panels do you need to cover the area? Always add extra tile to allow for cutting errors, colour variation and unforeseen circumstances.

Once you receive your pieces you will need lay them out and arrange them based on colour and size variation.

What surfaces are tiles and panels intended for?

Our concrete tiles are beautiful and durable but they are not intended for surfaces where they will be in contact with highly alkali or acidic substances. This includes bathrooms and kitchens.

Why should I purchase 5% more than I have estimated that I need?

Solus panels and tiles are individually hand cast and have inherent colour and dimensional variation. Purchasing 5% extra ensures that you will have enough to allow for cutting errors and give you options when doing the aesthetic and dimensional layout

Does Concrete stain?

Concrete is similar to limestone or marble and will stain if exposed to highly acidic or alkali substances, when left in prolonged contact with moisture and if oil or wax is allowed to soak into the surface. Regular resealing, using trays under plants and wiping up food spills right away should keep your concrete free of stains.

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